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Sobre Nosotros ~ About Us

About USA Latino:

USA Latino ( was founded in 1997 (as It was one of the very first Internet portals fully dedicated to the Latino community. USA Latino’s mission is to provide a channel that provides localized information, shopping and other communication resources to each of the communities we cover. We not only offer all the common features of a regular portal, but we also support small businesses and community events. USA Latino’s advantage is that it’s content, shopping and entertainment is driven by the each of the Latino communities we cover, as well as our main nationwide portal. USA Latino currently covers eight cities, each one with its own site and is developing localized auctions sites as well.
USA Latino also targets small business owners in the Latino community, by not only offering a portal to advertise, but also web design, full e-commerce and web hosting that is specially tailored for their needs.
USALatino is the true community driven website where all members of the Latino community have a voice and a tool to be part of the Internet community. On this community centered website each person can find information on their specific community needs and wants.

Who We Are

We are one of the very first Latino portals offered to the community
Its DCLatino website has been recognized as an outstanding community website
We are the only Latino website network covering eight cities with a significant Hispanic population: – Nationwide Portal Covers the greater Washington DC area Covers the greater Chicago area Covers the Houston area Covers the Los Angeles area Covers the Miami area. Covers the greater New York City area Covers the San Diego area Will cover the Philadelphia Area Will cover the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area Will offer localized auctions in Spanish – Will be USA Latino’s Internet Radio and TV channel

Bilingual content that is relevant to each community
Constant support and involvement in each Latino community that we cover
Give special support to small businesses within the Latino community
We offer complete support for small business websites, from design to hosting

Advertising on

Our advertising can be both highly targeted by demographics or also we offer nationwide coverage to our sponsors. Our community emphasis makes our advertising stand out against other generic websites. We offer competitive pricing and by covering the Latino market we offer our sponsors a market that:

Is the fastest growing market in the United States as well as online
Our market will represent 11% of the Total U.S population with 31 million
15% of that population has online access, with an expected 300% growth on the next 2 years
The cities we cover are the cities with a significant number of Latino population, and we cover the cities where 70% of the Latino population is located in the U.S.
Our advertisers can also enjoy preferential rates with our marketing partner: nationwide Latino magazine: Salud, Dinero Y Amor.


The Selig Center for economic growth at the University of Georgia estimates U.S. Hispanic spending at $383 billion dollars in 1999, with an estimated annual rate of growth of 7.5% , (compared to 4.9 % to the rest of the U.S. population) Over 30% of this spending is dedicated to small businesses (single operators and companies with less than 50 employees) Hispanic cybershoppers now spend an average of $547 per year on online goods and services. Forrester Research says that 43% of Hispanic households are expected to own a computer by the end of this year.
This growth will soon be followed by small business owners or operated by Latinos who currently are the second largest minority starting businesses for the last two years.
Small Business: Only less than 15% of Latino owned businesses have an Internet presence at all, (less than 5% offer actual online e-commerce) We will offer reasonable and affordable solutions to creating local portals that support their respective communities. Our intention is to go after these businesses, which first require education and introduction into online commerce. We want to support small businesses in their own Latino communities. This will be done by offering educational seminars, supporting community events.

For Small Businesses

Our community driven philosophy puts special emphasis in Latino owned small businesses. USALatino offers them a complete solution from simple advertising and directory listings to website design, e-commerce functions and web hosting. Our all-in-one package makes it easy for small business owners to take their business to the Internet. Our options make payment and customer service very attractive choices for them.
Our community websites offer the small business owner a relevant and highly targeted online market with affordable pricing. We support them with educational seminars, classes and overall customer service to assure a profitable relationship for them and our company as well.

About The Founder

Jose Vega

Jose Vega founded, an online community site dedicated to the Latino community of Washington, DC. It was one of the first community based Latino portals in the US. Mr. Vega’s expertise comes from over 10 years of Media and Internet operations from the Voice of America and other government sponsored activities around the world. He has consulted internationally as well. His large and diverse experience as an Internet entrepreneur and company founder, along with his extensive technical knowledge makes Mr. Vega an ideal leader for USALatino. His Three-year-old site has been recognized in the city and has received awards from the Washington D.C. community and he is an active member of the business Latino Community.


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